A metropolis of some four million people, İzmir, hosts more art events each year, becoming an active part of Turkey’s cultural scene. However until 2019 the activities regarding the performance of new music mainly took place within the scope of Yaşar University and I believe the İzmir New Music Days took on an initial role of building a bridge between new music and the cultural scene in İzmir. The ‘thank you’ list is quite long. However, to start with: I am very thankful to the former director of the Goethe Institute-İzmir, Anna Weber, who supported the idea from the beginning, without whom we would not be able to proceed. A very special thanks to Imge Ece Velidedeoğlu, designer of our poster and visuals since 2019, who worked with a great motivation and kindness, whose original work became an integral part of the event, and set the tone for the public image of the festival.

izmir new music days I (2019)

izmir new music days II (2021)

izmir new music days III (2022)